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Stage 10

Ducto de incendios siendo pintado Tisana casi terminada Privado de marketing Privado con vista panorámica Openoffice equipado Pasillo interno, entrada a los baños Sala de reuniones Detalle de la barra de la tisana

Stage 9

Painting works in the openoffice Openoffice being painted Meeting room Private room with panoramic view Openoffice beign equipped Variety of cololur carpets Installing the carpets

stage 8

Workplace To-place equipment Workplace Finish touchs IT rack Equipment detail Openoffice view Openoffice view Manager private room Furniture detail Workplace Private room, without glass closings View of the kitchen Sink of the kitchen View of the kitchen Ducted air extraction Sink of the kitchen Panoramic view of the kitchen Reception desk Painted pillar

Stage 7

Openoffice with ceiling and luminaires recently installed Corner of the floor Hallway Details of the works Works on the walls Wardrobes Furniture being installed Work details Carpet mounting Openoffice being equiped Structure of the mounting of the armstrong ceiling

Stage 6

Openoffice with armstrong ceiling and the luminaires Openoffice with armstrong ceiling and the luminaires Furniture of the kitchen Covered walls ready for the paint work Progress of the reception Glass panels View of the openoffice from the private room Color proof Color proof

Stage 5

Visit of students of interior design of ORT Uruguay university Visit of students of interior design of ORT Uruguay university View of the kitchen, with the aluminium frames Drain of the kitchen Private room Cable dump placed under the technical floor

Stage 4

Openoffice Openoffice Work with enduído Private room, with city view Corner covered with plaster, previous to the paint work Bathrooms Cable reel

Stage 3

Access to one of the private rooms View Access to the bathrooms Openoffice covered walls Aluminium frames on the hallway Worker cutting material Aluminium frames with glass wool Insulation glass wool

Stage 2

Fire safety Private room Future meeting room Aluminium frames on the hallway View of the hallway Corner of the floor, where can be seen the aluminium frames Installed plasterboards View of the future openoffice section, with the naked aluminiun frames

Stage 1

Fire safety Pipeline for the electric installation Aluminium structure Panoramic view of the city, through components of techinal floor Corner of the floor Components of techincal floor ready to be installed Components of techical floor Empty section of the floor, prior to the installation of the techical floor Halogen lamp.


Picture gallery of the work in 36th floor of tower IV of World Trade Center. It will be updated every week with new images.